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We provide ware housing facilities for all kinds of products keeping in mind the safety of the product as per the customer expectations and requirements.


We provide transport to all classes of dangerous goods across our global network via air, sea, road. As well as transporting dangerous goods across our networks, we have the capability to store your dangerous goods at key facilities around the globe.


We offer you the Less Than Container Load (LCL) sea freight forwarding service As well as the Full Container Load (FCL) sea freight forwarding service. As per your Goods standard and requirement.


We handle the shipment of your goods without any time delay, Our Expertise wing will give the report of the freight and transit time, And you can expect our 24/7 support over your shipment status.


You can expect the goods to be reached at the destination with out any time delay.


Your stuff will reach the market on time, Asper our execution plan.

When relations grow internationally, the borders disappear.

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Head quartered in Cochin, JN Freight Forwarders has a well balanced team of over 150 professionals and a network of offices / associates all over the world. Trustworthy services for 7 decades to 350+ satisfied customers.

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