Company History

Our History

JN Freight Forwarders has many decades of hardcore experience in the various fields of cargo shipping and logistic support. Driven by a team of self motivated and young dynamic directors, the company has evolved to be a successful multi modal transport operator. Our company strives to provide the state of the art and the very best technologies in freight forwarding, cargo consolidation and transshipment to meet the strict guidelines of the international shipping and logistics markets. Consolidated and customized logistic solutions are provided to the customer all around the world in various segments like air, sea and surface transport, freight forwarding and cargo distribution. We are registered with Director General of Shipping and authorised for issuing MTD bill of lading under our name.

JN Freight Forwarders has broadened its horizon to encompass a cross section of products, services, which requires expertise and professionalism. With a keen eye on quality standards, the company has proven itself as a reputed Export/import cargo clearing agents that has managed to retain its strong customer base for more than 50 years.

When relations grow internationally, the borders disappear.

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