Air Freight

Air Freight.

We handle the entire service, from customs documentation to ground transportation at each end with the expertise to provide fast delivery. This is the fastest method available compared to the sea freight & road transport, if you want to reach the destination quickly.

Your Benefits:

  • Quotes immediately( with Minimum of 2-3 Air lines).
  • Effective documentation and communication.
  • Fastest schedule.
  • Immediate Clearance.
  • Timely updating the status.
  • Timely Clearance (On Destination).
  • Daily Status report.
  • Time bound pickup.
When relations grow internationally, the borders disappear.

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Head quartered in Cochin, JN Freight Forwarders has a well balanced team of over 150 professionals and a network of offices / associates all over the world. Trustworthy services for 7 decades to 350+ satisfied customers.

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